• iminuit works with Python 3.5 or later, as well as legacy Python 2.7.
  • Linux, macOS and Windows are supported.


To install the latest stable version from with pip:

$ pip install iminuit

We don’t distribute binary wheels for iminuit, so pip install requires that you have a C++ compiler available.


We provide binary packages for conda users via

$ conda install -c conda-forge iminuit

The only required dependency for iminuit is numpy.

As explained in the documentation, using ipython and jupyter for interactive analysis, as well as cython for speed is advisable, so you might want to install those as well.


To check your iminuit version number and install location:

$ python
>>> import iminuit
>>> iminuit
# install location is printed
>>> iminuit.__version__
# version number is printed

Usually if import iminuit works, everything is OK. But in case you suspect that you have a broken iminuit installation, you can run the automated tests like this:

$ pip install pytest
$ python
>>> import iminuit
>>> iminuit.test()